About Toy Figure World


The Challenge

Do you have huge collection of mint toys still in their packaging?

Have you had the urge to open them up and have some good old fashioned fun but can’t bring yourself to devalue your collection?

Well as an avid toy collector, I can totally understand this predicament. I have heaps of Star Wars and WWE action figures that I would LOVE to open up and have a play! But as any serious collector will know once the packaging is opened up, the resale value will significantly be reduced!

Alternative, do you want to collect NEW action figures but don’t really care about the packaging? Most of the action figures sold in online store or eBay are mint in packaging and cost a premium.


The Solution

Well have no fear, Toy Figure World is here !

We have scoured the planet to bring you the finest selection of LOOSE action figures at great value prices!

All our stock are 100% Authentic Originals ! And unless specifically specified, they are all Brand New !

Loose toys are simply the original figures without the packaging (sometimes also without the accompanying accessories). Theses loose action figures are typically excess factory manufactured stock or retail stock with damaged packaging (that have to be removed due to supplier agreements).

Don’t pay a premium for MoC (Mint on Card) or MiB (Mint in Box) toys when you don’t need to.

And best of all, you get to actually touch, feel and have loads of fun with your precious collection!


Get your hands on our top quality and fantastic value loose action figures at the Toy Figure World eBay Store now !

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